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Highly Experienced Faculty

The faculty at Shelar Academy is highly experienced and one of the industry experts. We also have faculties from IIT-ians and professors from leading universities. Our faculties teach them with out of their experience in the most simplest form which help them to crack competitive exams

Personal Attention To Each

Our faculties pay attention to each student and every query is solved. Small batches help to pay attention to every student so we prefer batches of 30 students only. Our students can directly contact the subject faculty for any discussion or doubt solving.

Study Materials

At Shelar Academy we provide study materials for each subject and they are carefully designed by the experienced faculties and industry experts. Shelar sir personally takes charge of study materials. We also provide students with our inbuilt app which has online videos on each subject and chapters. They also have the option to practice online tests which help them to be exam ready.

Parents Meeting

Shelar Academy conducts monthly parents meetings to update them with their child's growth and help them resolve academic problems. Most of the meetings take place along with the students. We also conduct personal parents meetings for any student if required to help them grow and achieve academic excellence. .

Attendance Rule

We make sure our students attend every lecture. We have a biometric system in every branch which help us to keep a track of every student attendance and the same is shared with the parents. We have compulsory attendance for lectures and tests and parents are regularly kept informed.

Library Faculty & Personal Space To Study

We have various collections of books to solve competitive exams. We also conduct practice sessions where previous years papers are to be solved. We understand the need for personal space to study hence we allow our students to come anytime in our class even on holidays to study. Our doors are always open for our students!

Online Preparations & Test

Lockdown has taught everyone the importance of online preparation and everything has moved digitally. We have completely upgraded digitally in the simplest form where we also conduct lectures and tests online. We have all our lectures readily available on our system for our students to go back at any time and refer and learn. From online lecture, online doubt solving, online test, online parents meeting we conduct all.

Interactive Learning Environment

We, at Shelar Academy make it a point to organise student-teacher interaction so as to make the learning process more engaging and fun. We also conduct paper discussion to make every student aware about their mistakes and provide them with the necessary solutions to avoid the same.

Online Preparation

Lockdown has taught us the importance of online learning. We have completely upgraded online learning in the most unique and simple way. We provide online lectures and the lecture is available on our app for the student to rewatch and mark important highlights. We also take charge of online exam, Online doubt solving, online paper discussion, online parents meeting

About Us

"Every Student Must Get Proper Opportunity to Fulfil His/Her Dreams."

Courses Offered

Standard XI , XII & MHT-CET

We, at Shelar Academy, prepare students for the Std. XI and Std. XII exams, as well as MHT-CET, NEET training.


We, at Shelar Academy prepare students for neet exam and help them get admission in the reputed medical college.

IIT Foundation

Foundation course will prepare them for entrance exam and to secure admission in IIT Colleges


Excel engineering semester exams and prepare for professional level

JEE Mains & JEE Advance

At Shelar Academy we prepare our students thoroughly for entrance exam for jee mains and jee advanced

Hear it from our Toppers...

Utkarsh Anavkar
Cleared IIT Exam

“Being a student of Shelar Academy I found my knowledge growing and result improving. Certainly the best class and best teacher ever.”

Kabir Khatdare
Cleared IIT Exam

"Prof. Mangesh Shelar sir, undoubtedly, is the best professor a student can rely and trust on. He and his team of faculties have always helped me clear all my concepts and resolve all my doubts."

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Mihika Chachad
PCM – 99.58%

“My experience at Shelar Academy is great and memorable. The mentors at Shelar Acedmy helped me enhance my academic and interpersonal skills.”

Saloni Chandratreya
PCB – 99.38%

“It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of Shelar Academy where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future.”

Siddhi Behere
PCM – 99.22%

“I thank Prof. Mangesh Shelar & Shelar Academy faculties for putting in all the efforts to achieve the marks which I always wanted to score.”

Atharva Kumtakar
PCM – 99.57%

“Shelar Academy is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning. I feel great studying at Shelar Academy as it gives great opportunity as well as support from faculties.”

Tanish Sawant
CET 99.93%

“I feel very proud that I have been a part of this truly developing institute. I am very thankful to experienced and talented faculties to enhance my skills throughout the course and moulding my personality in a right way.”

Rohan Adakhale
MHT-CET 99.4%

“What I loved about this institution was the quality education provided by experienced faculty. My marks wouldn’t be possible without Shelar Academy.”

Swayam Kharade
MHT-CET 99.6%

“The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface gave me the confidence to boost my marks. Thank you for the support and motivation throughout my studentship and I owe my success to Mangesh Shelar Sir”

Tanay Phatak
MHT-CET 99.3%

“Shelar Academy offered me a very good learning environment excellent teachers, infrastructure and library facilities. I have been able to develop as a student by knowledge acquired and as a person due to encouragement I received by all”

Chirag Girdhar
MHT-CET 99.8%

“Shelar Academy educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. Shelar Academy has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment and flexible schedules that suit to meet the needs of a student like me”

Nihar Apte
99.77% in MHT-CET

"Prof. Mangesh Shelar sir is the best teacher I was ever taught by. His knowledge is tremendously vast. I owe all my respect to him and Shelar Academy. "

Prathamesh Sawant
10 ptr in M1,M2,M3
100/100 in M2

"I am very fortunate to be a part of
Shelar Academy
right from XIth std. I would have never achieved such a feat in my academics without the guidance, constant support and encouragement from
Prof. Mangesh Shelar
and his faculty. "

Janak Thakkar
10 ptr in M1, M2, M3, M4

"Engineering Mathematics is considered as one of the toughest subjects and the reason I could score well is because of the unparallel guidance provided by
Prof. Mangesh Shelar sir. He does not only have command over Mathematics, but also other subjects which often land students in a fix."

Yagnesh Oza
10 ptr in DSD,M3,M4

"Prof. Mangesh Shelar Sir is a very resourceful man. Attending his lectures and crash course helped me achieve 80/80 in M3.
Shelar Academy is undoubtedly the best class ever."

Shreya Parab
10 ptr in ED, M4

"Shelar Academy, for me, has proven to be the best source of achieving such great success. Excellent teaching and great staff here make a healthy learning environment."

Soham Narvekar
10 ptr in SPA, M4

"Coding is one of the most crucial aspects in engineering and enrolling into Shelar Academy has proven to be a boon for many students like me. I can vouch on the fact that this is the best class where every student can ensure his/her bright future."

Nainesh More
10 ptr in ED

"Under the guidance of Prof. Mangesh Shelar sir and his team, every student is given personal attention and all the difficulties are resolved successfully. I strongly believe that Shelar Academy is the best tuition class ever.”

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