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The JEE Exam is one of the most difficult exams to pass before applying to the IIT Foundation. Even after going for JEE Tests or other competitive exams, students have no idea what they want to achieve. So, as being the best IIT foundation class in Matunga, we launched these courses for kids as early as Standard 8th. As a result, instead of two years of preparation, they will have five years. The goal of the IIT JEE Foundation course is to educate students with basic concepts, effective time management practises, a disciplined schedule, improved thinking skills, and so forth. Shelar Academy teaches students numerous math and science concepts in order to prepare them for rigorous competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, MHT-CET, NEET, HBBVS, NSEJS, RMO, NTSE, and KVPY. Students are guided in such a way that they are able to set a personal objective. Beginning early for competitive tests exposes you to a competitive environment, which motivates you to improve your competitiveness.

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Details of IIT Foundation Course? When should one start an IIT Foundation course?


  • IIT is regarded as one of India’s most difficult tests, and passing JEE Mains/Advance requires a very focused student with excellent mentoring.
  • We have a better chance of passing IIT / IISER / NISER / BITS / VITEE if we start early.
  • We’ve created the Study Materials in such a way that they cover all types of questions from CET Regular Tests (even Sunday), followed by a special paper discussion session to help pupils better comprehend the subject.
  • Our professors are primarily IIT toppers. As a result, we can teach students how to solve MCQs and get into a top university.

Key Features

A Novel Approach to Education

Shelar Academy prepares the students for their future 11th and 12th grade exams as well as their present 8th, 9th, and 10th grade syllabus. Students can readily grasp the principles of 11th and 12th grade with this endeavour toward futuristic learning.

School Level Competitive Exam Preparation

Shelar Sir's IIT Foundation Course is beneficial not only for IIT entrance exams, but also for other competitive exams such as JSTSE, NTSE, and Olympiads.

Regular Online & Offline Exams & Personal Attention To Each One

Shelar Academy has a fantastic and well-educated faculty that values individualised attention and helps students understand what they are learning. Regular testing is a key criterion for determining how effectively a student has grasped an idea.

Designed Study Material

Study materials for the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades have been prepared by Shelar sir, IIT passouts, and collected by our knowledgeable teachers. Shelar Academy's study materials are meticulously developed after a thorough examination of all previous year's question papers. This aids the students' comprehension of the chapter's overview.

Course Information

What is  IIT Foundation?

For JEE applicants, the IIT JEE foundation is a stepping stone. Preparation begins in grades 8, 9, and 10. The foundation course teaches students how to develop their mental and strategic strength at a young age. This allows kids to study for extended periods of time in a well-organized manner. The goal of the IIT Foundation course is to teach students basic concepts, effective time management skills, adhering to a disciplined schedule, expanding their knowledge, and so on. For more details search no more Shelar Academy’s IIT Foundation tutor in Matunga will actively answer all your doubts.


If you give incorrect answers, you will not lose any points.

Future Career Opportunities

Prepares you for IIT: Enrolling in an IIT foundation course allows you to get into IIT mode at a young age. When you set a lofty goal for yourself, such as becoming an IIT-ian, you motivate yourself to do your best right from the start. It inspires you to work harder in order to realise your wonderful ambition!

Clears PCM Concepts Easily: Due to a lack of attention or other factors, students frequently miss out on fundamental concepts in school. Getting into IIT Foundation classes allows you to study and answer your queries about topics covered in a certain session. By the time you reach tenth grade, you have mastered all ideas from eighth to tenth grade.

Clarity on Exam Pattern: When you take up a foundation course, you get to known advance the exam patterns, skills to develop, topics to focus, planning and much more. Getting clear picture on what the exam is going to be, gives you the advantage to prepare and get ready well ahead in time.

Preparation Of Exam: When you enrol in a foundation course, you will learn about test patterns, skill development, topic focus, and planning, among other things. Having a clear idea of what the exam will entail provides you the advantage of being able to prepare and prepare well ahead of time.

Develops Competitiveness: Beginning IIT tutoring early exposes you to a competitive setting, which motivates you to improve your competitiveness. Being competitive encourages you to accomplish better than you did the day before. When you focus on developing yourself on a regular basis, you will be in an excellent position to gain a competitive advantage over others over time.

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