(Man Behind The Scene)

Prof. Mangesh Shelar is one amongst the many distinguished personalities the educational field is blessed with. His mission of providing 'Quality Education' to every student laid the foundation of Shelar Academy.

  • University Topper
  • All India Rank 3 in IIT Entrance Exam
  • Masters in Mathematics from IIT Bombay
  • Founder of Shelar Academy
  • Guides more than 500 students per year.

"Every Student Must Get Proper Opportunity to Fulfill his/her Dreams"​

Director's Message

Dear Parent

We all work hard for our child’s bright future.When it comes to competitive exams, smart work matters the most. I have developed so many smart techniques to crack competitive exams, due to which we have a legacy of producing toppers every year.
We provide a quality education with result oriented approach. In Shelar Academy we emphasize on practical approach to bring out the best in a child. We are fully equipped with technology to train our students to compete in ever changing competitive world.
If you have the zeal to get Success in your Career and Life then we provide you a launch pad to realize your dreams.

Best Regards,
Prof. Mangesh Shelar

Events & Activities


Seminars regarding various topics, like guidance for SSC, JEE, Foundation and various other competitive exams, are conducted by Prof. Mangesh Shelar himself.


Prof. Mangesh Shelar giving counselling to students for academics and guides them regarding future opportunities.

Motivational Speaker

Shelar Sir, indeed is a motivational speaker who has guided many students to help them pursue their career and life goals.

Prof. Shelar Speaks

Prof Shelar addressing the parents and the students


Shelar Academy conducting exercise session for student's fitness


In order to rejuvenate and get ready for the weeks ahead of you.


Shelar Academy is an official recruitment partner of IIT Bombay

Time of India - Education Expo

Prof. Mangesh Shelar addressing at the Times of India Education Expo Event

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