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Best Engineering Coaching Class In Matunga

Shelar Academy provides the best engineering tutor in Matunga, Mumbai, where students practise the courses covered in the curriculum year, making it simpler for them to achieve good results. We also make certain that each student understands their topics. Shelar Academy’s faculty also analyses prior year papers and their solutions in order to help students ace the tests.

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Key Facilities

Precise Revision

Shelar Academy, the best engineering class in Matunga, Mumbai, gives an extensive and thorough revision of all topics in the subject enrolled before each semester exam. This includes delivering vital and very probable questions and answers for the semester straight from past exams, hints and methods for acing the semester exams, 5+ hour extended study and doubt solving sessions where all concepts and formulae are reviewed followed by a question solving time.

Highly Experienced Faculty

We recruit engineering talent from all walks of life, including IITians, former students, and academics from other prominent universities, broadening our faculty and expanding student access to guarantee Shelar Academy is a lively and fascinating place to work and learn.


Shelar Academy is glad to provide unique internship opportunities as part of our objective to develop our students into creative engineers with real-world, practical, and industry-relevant skills. Students will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge software while working in small groups on micro projects that will allow their creative selves to synergize and evolve, resulting in an accomplishment that they can name wholly their own. At the end of the programme, all students will receive a certificate, and some will also receive a note of appreciation.

Future Opportunities

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