A Guide to Career Options After 10th Std

A Guide to Career Options After 10th Std

Having spent 12 years studying various subjects in school, it is now time to choose and specialize. But how does one filter these options? Do you go with the highest marks gained in that particular subject or your natural curiosity in a field? Taking such decisions is pivotal for your career by having detailed information about the field. Talk to experts or seniors in the field and understand how you can contribute to the field. Perhaps the easiest way to do research is by going online. In an age of quick accessibility, having clarity in information is perhaps the biggest hurdle. In this article, we will explain various options to you in a detailed manner:

Preparation for the Medical Entrance Tests

The Indian Government conducts the NEET( National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) on a nationwide scale, having scrapped the state level entrance tests. Lakhs of students take it every year and often prepare for it when they begin their 11th grade. The entrance exam is out of a total of 720 marks, with each correct answer being awarded a plus 4. A wrong answer results in a minus one negative marking. There will be a total of 180 questions, with a total of 3 hours being allocated for the exam. It is to be noted that this test shall give you admission into a college, with your field of medical specialization being chosen later.

Preparation for this exam begins with a basic understanding of concepts. The NCERT books are helpful in this manner and ensure a thorough understanding of basic concepts. Books such as Objective Physics Vol. 1 by Arihant, Objective Chemistry Vol. 1 by Arihant, and A to Z Biology for NEET Class 11 by Cengage are advised for students. A lot of topics concerned in the NEET exam are interrelated and it is important to study the topics chronologically.

The NEET exam is extremely hard, with a few thousand applicants earning seats at the best medical colleges. It would be helpful if you do research and talk to people who have actually given the exam.

Preparation for Engineering Entrance Exams

Engineering, the most sought after course in India is a complex and well-paying field in India. If the initial research is done well, engineering can surely be a smart career choice. Engineering involves being innovative, taking bold risks, and moving society forward with the aid of technology. If you like to be such an innovator, then engineering is surely for you.

The engineering entrance test, which has lakhs of students apply every year is easily the toughest test in the country. The biggest engineering test in India is the JEE(Joint Entrance Examination). There are two exams for JEE. The first is the JEE Mains and the other is the JEE Advanced. To qualify for the advanced, the candidate has to secure a minimum score. The maximum for the Mains is 360, with the cutoff being 89 to qualify for the Advanced. You can only imagine the level of competition and tough questions due to the negative marking systems.

If you are interested in pursuing engineering and are ready for the testing period of hard work for the JEE, then Shelar Academy is here to help. You can find out more about the courses Shelar Academy offers here


Business is the only field where you are allowed to change your opinions regularly. In most other fields, opinions and facts do not change that easily. If you are such a person who likes to run a business or learn the art of running one, then understanding commerce should be the very first learning goal. Commerce, in today’s globalized world, plays a huge role in providing quick services and goods.

If you opt to take commerce, over a period of two years, you will be studying a variety of subjects. Accounts, or how companies see their profit/loss statements is a subject which is taught. Economics deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. If you choose to pursue Commerce, you also have the additional subject of a language. Here, French is helpful as it boosts the overall percentage quickly.

After pursuing commerce, you can take up careers in various fields. You can be a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Economist, Venture Capitalist, and much more. It solely depends on your focus and passion in the field. If you are interested in the field of commerce, Shelar Academy offers a wide range of coaching material. Read more about it here.

We understand that the career choices to make after 10th are tough and which also involves a host of factors. Be it Medical, Engineering, or Commerce, Shelar Academy strives to maintain the pursuit of excellence in an individual and fosters a learning environment. Read more about us on our website.


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