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Best Commerce Coaching Classes in Mulund, Mumbai

Shelar Academy (Best Commerce coaching classes in Mulund, Mumbai) has mastered the formula for success in commerce. We have a dedicated teaching team of Chartered Accountants and Industry professionals, who elevate the potential of each student and transform them into business leaders seen as amongst the best in the industry. Their own extensive experience has helped in creating a first-of-its-kind course curriculum that gets only the best out of students. The mission of Shelar Academy is to provide a comprehensive business and management education in 11th and 12th commerce ,CA (Chartered Accountant), BMS( Bachelor of Management Studies ), BAF (Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance) and BBI (Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance) .Our goal is to build the foundation for commerce and build concepts of Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies. It develops an interest in students in the theory and practice of business, trade and industry and provides a glimpse into the important aspects of the commercial world. Conceptual clarity is a must for students to be able to solve any type of problems or case studies. All our faculties believe & practice conceptual teaching.

 At the end of the course students acquire:

  • Subjective exam experience and writing skills development
  • Memory building and retention techniques
  • Presentation skills

Commerce Subjects



Key Features

Well Planned Curriculum for Commerce Classes

Shelar Academy ensures effective learning methods with a proper designed curriculum that not only guarantees the early completion of syllabus but also provides ample time for other activities and self study.

Study Material for Commerce Students

The study is designed after thorough analysis of past year question papers that helps students to understand the gist of chapter better. The compilation of information from various sources is done under the supervision of Prof. Mangesh Shelar.

Personalized Attention

Every Student at Shelar Academy is given equal importance and all their queries are addressed at the earliest. Our faculty is always available half an hour prior to the lecture scheduled in order to clear doubts of students.

More About Commerce

A change in perspective is what most students need, when making the jump from SSC to FYJC and simultaneously to SYJC. Leveraging the intellectual and emotional bandwidth resident here in the faculty and student community, essential to spawn tomorrow’s global leaders today.

1. Business Studies

Trying to muck things up works against you because of subjects like business studies, which majorly comprises of dry theory and mucking it a day before the exam only leads to utter confusion. Instead timely and regular understanding of the subject, pin-pointing towards most topics in the book that are related to each other makes learning quick and easy. This habit of mucking proves to be lethal in SYJC, as it makes the subject seem less important compared to others.

2. Economics

A subject like economics is more dynamic in nature, and is very relative to the way the current market commerce works. If enough attention is not paid to mentioned numericals, utilities along with categorization of money and market types, a huge chunk of score is at stake for a student. This loss of knowledge in FYJC then affects a student performance in the SYJC as well.

3. Accounts

Missing initial lectures that explain basic concepts like development of accounting, its limitations, then further concepts like preparation of trial balance, accounting equation and ledgers becomes a bane to understand and grasp. This is why most students find accounts difficult to cope with, as the day of semester exams near. The only key to ace SYJC commerce with a greater score is to master Accounts right in FYJC.

Shelar Academy has been guiding, encouraging and preparing students to excel in their studies as well as future professional pursuits. Unlike many other professional Commerce coaching classes in Mumbai, we believe in adopting a personalized approach when it comes to teaching and mentoring our students. Instead of just helping students pass their exams, we ensure that they not only perform well, but also understand the concepts better, solve all their problems efficiently and master the subject completely.

Career Opportunities in Commerce

Career options for commerce students include those in the accounting, auditing, finance and banking sectors. Your pay package will lie somewhere between Rs 3 to Rs 8 lakh per annum.

If you choose commerce, you also have the opportunity to choose an out-of-the-box career option, like one in travel and hospitality, depending on the path and degree you choose. Career options for commerce students are vast and you will always have interesting profiles to work at if you play to your strengths.

If you choose to take advantage of the opportunities in commerce available to you, here are some of the job profiles you can look at:

Chartered Accountants
Chartered Financial Analyst
Company Secretary
Loans executive
Human Resource manager
Certified Financial Planner
Venture capitalist
Agriculture Economics
Mathematics and Statistics
Stock Broking
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For more insight into the kind of opportunities commerce can give you, analyse your strengths and weaknesses and hone in on the course of your choice so that you can build a future career and take advantage of the burgeoning financial climate of the country.

Chartered Accountancy

One of the most well-known and popular career paths for commerce students, Chartered Accountant (C.A), is an internationally recognized professional certification conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). You can find professional opportunities in government and private organizations, in roles such as auditing, tax consulting, corporate finance, investment banking, corporate finance, investment banking, etc.

Company Secretary

Company Secretary is a professional course administered by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). The Company Secretary takes care of the efficient administration of a company, particularly with respect to ensuring legal and statutory compliance, Their job involves giving advice on conducting business, dealing with situations involving conflict of interest, suggesting ways to prepare financial reports, developing corporate strategy, assisting in planning, and advising on company law.


It is the study of the production, transfer, and use of goods, services, and resources. It is a research-oriented career and would require you to learn and make use of various theories, principles, and models. Economists conduct researches and analyse data to predict market trends, build economic theories and models, and make recommendations for resolving economic issues. The field has an extremely positive future outlook, as there is a huge demand for qualified economists in consulting firms, private banks as well as public sectors, both in India and abroad.


A career in the finance domain involves helping businesses and individuals in making various financial planning decisions, monitoring cash flow, managing assets and liabilities, raising capital for expansion and running business operations. A common set of skills required across finance careers include a good grasp of economics and accounting concepts, a knack for numbers and data, and analytical thinking. This is a broad sector and can include various roles, such as Investment Banking, Financial Planning/Consulting, Financial Analyst, Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Wealth Management, Risk Management, etc.


Management is the coordination, planning, forecasting and organizing of a company’s processes, to ensure effective functioning and growth.
It is a broad field that allows you the opportunity to select from different roles and specializations, including operations, marketing, HR, finance, international business, sales, etc.
Management being a highly versatile degree, you can find various national and global opportunities in domains such as consultation, general management, human resources, marketing, sales, strategy, operations management, supply chain management, finance, etc.

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