7 Important Tips To Crack The IIT Entrance Test

7 Important Tips To Crack The IIT Entrance Test

The Indian Institute of Technology, which is the hub of innovation and scientific excellence in the country has produced many entrepreneurs, politicians, and even comedians. From the founder of the Aadhar project(Nandan Nilekani) to the satire of Biswa Kalyan Rath, the IITs have been a knowledge hub for decades. The awe-inspiring ISRO has it’s chairman, Mr. K. Sivan did his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay. But how does one enter these institutes?

The IIT-JEE entrance test is the most difficult test in the country. Lakhs of young people give it every year. What is the optimum period to start studying for the exam? What should a student focus on in the years that he/she is preparing for the exam? In this article, we would be giving you a few tips on how to crack the IIT entrance test. Of course, each student has his/her own learning methods and style. The points mentioned in the article are some general tips on how to ace the test.

Get Your Basics Right

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has excellent books on basic concepts that serve as a strong foundation. The topics are explained in a succinct manner and would help any student to go back and revise concepts. A mistake students often do is directly start with textbooks prescribed without revising the concepts learned 2 years ago.NCERT books are available at any book depot and would be of invaluable help.

Make a Plan & Adhere to it

You need a map to find a treasure. Similarly, your entrance exam is a treasure and you need to plan out your time table and stick to it. Remember your plan will only work when you work.

Have an Inquisitive Mind

When studying a concept/theory, try thinking about the topic in a 360 format. Where can it be applied? When solving a mock paper, you can read the answers first and try to answer this- what would the question be? In this format of learning, you can answer any question related to that theory while giving the actual entrance test. Ask your professors/teachers your doubts and do your own research based on a question. It will lead you to an independent mode of thinking.

Manage Your Time Efficiently

The IIT JEE entrance exam tests your knowledge as well as your ability to handle pressure and time. This is what it takes to enter the best engineering institute in the country. Start managing your time efficiently and notice how long you take to complete a chapter/theory. You can use simple technology like Google Sheets or Calendar to track your progress.

Make Calculations Faster & Clear Your Concepts

Someone said,” What music is to the heart, mathematics is to the mind” and we agree with this. Like music sticks to your mind and doesn’t fade away easily mathematics should also be your music when one is preparing for JEE exams. When your concepts are clear calculations will be faster.

Focus on Mock Papers

Mock papers are helpful for a student to realize their strong and weak areas. Most students never take the time out to review their mock papers and understand which questions they were not comfortable with. Students just check their final score, which is not helpful in the longer run. Solving mock papers will take time and only after solving 6-7, will the student understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Solve Online Tests

While most people are used to using a laptop/phone for social media, many are not used to the idea of giving a test online. You would be sitting continuously for three hours with your backs hunched to the screen. It would be good practice to take online tests to ensure your own understanding of the process. When would you take a 30-second break and sip water? Such questions can only be answered when you have solved online tests.

The best judge is you

The entrance test is competitive and tough. If you have decided to prepare for the IIT-JEE exam there is no looking back, and no matter how much effort or attempts it takes. It’s never too late if you are aware of the basics and have total concentration on your goal then cracking JEE MAINS and JEE ADVANCED is possible. 

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