Best NEET and Medical Coaching Class In Grant Road & Nana Chowk

 In context to NEET & Medical coaching,  Shelar Academy best neet coaching class in Grant road near Nana Chowk is imparting education for the last several years to make students part of NEET & Medical. Shelar academy’s institute is nurturing leaders in every possible dimension and is inculcating human values and ethics, which assist students to make decisions and innovate a path that is best for them as well as for the welfare of society. To fulfil aspirations goals and aims, each student is motivated to strive to achieve excellence in every endeavour by making substantial improvements.

 It this quite clear that qualities demanded by NEET & Medical exam cannot be developed overnight hence, it needs support at the same time. In context to this our years of experience of teaching, the guidance of NEET & Medical aspirants coupled with experience can make students capable of achieving their goals in an efficient and time bound manner. 

With years of research and analysis, Shelar Academy’s (best neet coaching class in grant road near Nana Chowk) team succeeded in developing a course structure of NEET & Medical that would ensure that students study the concerned subjects along with developing administrative traits, techniques, and soft skills. Mangesh Shelar sir’s guidance program emphasizes mind power and skill-set development so that students are trained to use these resources optimally and become victorious in this examination of NEET & Medical.

Key Features

Regular Test With Revision Lectures

The Shelar academy’s NEET & Medical Test Series is handled by the best experts in the field. Our Test Series for NEET & Medical will cover essential subjects from basic to advanced level and make the candidate quickly revise them.

Study Material Online & Offline

We have tried to provide each student an extensive list of books and study materials for NEET & Medical Exam preparation in both online and offline mode. So that students can access the study materials remotely at any time and in all circumstances.

Parents Meeting

Parent-Teacher Meeting is held to update parents about the progress of their child and activities conducted in the institute. We conduct Parent-Teacher meetings and parents are requested to come and meet the teachers to discuss students' development and progress. The parent-teacher meeting is a prominent and notable feature of the curriculum. The motive is a close interaction of parents with teachers with regard to the progress shown by students and finding workable solutions to the problems coming in the way of the development of their children.

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