Integrated Coaching Classes

Integrated Coaching Classes in Mulund, Mumbai

Shelar Academy’s Integrated coaching program in Mulund, Mumbai are mostly for those students who are extremely focused on cracking engineering and medical exams and therefore need a lot of time for self-study. In Integrated, entrance coaching  and college syllabus go parallel to each other.

Key Features

Focused Peer Group

​Being with a group of friends who are equally focused about their studies is very important. Students will be in the company of such focused study groups in our Integrated program.

Time Saving

Being a student of integrated course at Shelar academy,your child not only saves college hours but also travelling time and invest it in learning.Hence this approach helps students in efficient time management.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

We conduct regular weekly tests so as to evaluate the understanding of the students and cover all aspects present in the curriculum as a comprehensive approach.

Time for Self-Study

​Since the syllabus will be covered by Shelar Academy alone, there will be no duplication and waste of time, which would otherwise happen in a regular college. Thus students will get sufficient time for self study.

Course Information

What is  Integrated Program?

Integrated coaching course is one in which there is sync between the Junior college and our coaching Institute so as to adjust the teaching hours and get the most out of the time available. The students need to attend  colleges only for submissions, practicals and exams. Since they are not attending colleges regularly college hours and travelling duration is greatly reduced and hence students get more time for self-study.

The teaching for the regular XI th and XII th standard syllabus as well as coaching for  entrance exam will be completely handled by Shelar Academy itself. We  help students to frame a proper schedule so that they can manage their time efficiently for studies.

Why it is preferred?

It has been observed that most of the students want to study for competitive exams but they don’t get necessary coaching in colleges as they give more preference to board exams.Whereas in Shelar Academy we focus mainly on conceptual understanding required for competitive as well as board exams.The integrated courses considerably increase the efficiency of the students and effectiveness of the knowledge program.
Integrated program provides a good atmosphere of motivated students  where most of the students are equally focused on entrance exams. This builds competitive spirit among the students thereby encouraging them to compete and perform better.

An important advantage of integrated colleges is that students get to maintain a daily routine which helps to keep their brain active.
Students enrolling for integrated course gets personalized attention by our experienced faculty.Since they spend less time in college, that time is utilized by us for conducting extra lectures.We conduct regular weekly MCQ tests chapter wise for students in order to analyze their understanding.


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