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The preparation for Foundation Course starts in class 8″, 9″ and 10″ standard. It helps the aspirants to develop their mental and thinking skill by helping them to study in a well-organized manner for a longer duration. It starts with Basic Concepts of the subjects in the first level thereby increasing the level to Cracking Advance Level Multiple Choice Questions(Competitive Exam Requirement). The objective of Foundation course is to teach basic concepts well, efficient time management habits, following a disciplined schedule, improving their knowledge, etc to the students.

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Various Exams

  • Homi Bhabha
  • Pravinya
  • Pradnya
  • NTSE
  • PRE- RMO
  • RMO

Proposed Structure

Proposed Courses

Programs designed to strengthen understanding of Mathematics, Science and English. Structure of Program is a right mix of a) Subject concept, b) Problem solving and doubt clearing sessions, c) In-depth study materials,
d) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) and e) Test Series. The Course is designed to enhance the basic potential of student and it allows him/her to work hard

Foundation Course Level-1,2 and 3

Specifically designed for 8", 9" and 10" standard students respectively.
a) Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology along with Statistics and English will be covered in stipulated 8 hours/week. b) Level 1, 2 and 3 course duration will be of 10 months each. c) Extra lectures/Doubts Solving lectures, if necessary. d) Weekly test, followed by a paper discussion session. e) Adequate MCQ's and questions of higher level (JEE/NEET requirement).

Advantages of Foundation Course

a) Benefits of HIGHER level education. b)Preparation for competitive exams at early age. c) More time for actual Board exams and Engineering Entrance / Other Competitive / Scholarship Exams. d) Integrated study plan to perform better in boards. e)Well Structured timely lectures and exams, conducted smoothly. Students won't require any additional Coaching classes for any subject.

Fee Structure


Gets you in COMPETITIVE Mode: Enrolling in a foundation course for Foundation gets you in competitive mode at an early age. When you set your goal high, you pull up yourself to give your best-right from the beginning. It motivates you to work harder to see your great dream come true!

Gives Clarity on PCMB Concepts: Many times students miss out on fundamental concepts in school due to lack of attention or other reasons. Getting into Foundation classes gives you the opportunity to learn and clarify your doubts taught in specific class. By the time you reach 10th standard, you will have all concepts cleared from 8″-10″ standard.

Clarity on Exam Pattern: When you take up a foundation course, you get to know in advance the exam patterns, skills to develop, topics to focus, planning and much more. Getting clear picture o what the exam is going to be, gives you the advantage to prepare and get ready well ahead in time.

Mock Tests: Joining a coaching centre places you in a regular class room environment where you need to attend lectures and solve test papers. Solving test papers gives you the idea of test patterns, bringing awareness to your weak areas, motivating students to develop their speed and accuracy.

Competitiveness: Starting early for Foundation coaching expose you to competitive environment which inspires you to build your competitiveness. Being competitive motivates you to do better than what you did yesterday. When you work on a daily basis on improving yourself, in years you would stand in a good ground to have a competitive edge over others.


Futuristic Learning Approach

We, at Shelar Academy prepare our students with the basic concepts for their upcoming 11″ & 12th Std along with their current 8″, 9″ and 10″ Std Syllabus. This effort towards futuristic learning helps the students to grasp the concepts of 11 & 12″ easily.

School Level Competitive Exam Preparation

Shelar Sir’s Foundation Course not only helps in preparation of entrance exams but also in other competitive exams like JSTSE, NTSE and various other Olympiads.

Personal Attention & Regular Tests

Shelar Academy have an outstanding and highly educated faculty who value individualized attention and facilitate student comprehension. Conducting regular tests is an important parameter to determine how well the student has understood a concept.

Designed Study Material

Study material for 8″, 9″ and 10th Std are abridged by Shelar Sir and are compiled by our experienced faculty. Study Material at Shelar Academy is designed carefully after analysing all the previous year question papers. This helps the students to understand the overview of the chapter better.

If you give incorrect answers, you will not lose any points.

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